Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow And Cold Go Away....Please!!!

Another brutal winters day in the Missouri Ozarks; windy and windchill values as low as -20. Too cold to tend to the pit. I can't wait until it hits 40 because this weather is literally killing me.

On the positive side, word is getting out. Some buddies of mine are spreading the word to their 400+ friends on Facebook that were unaware the Chain Gang had set up shop in Nixa. A free ad appeared yesterday in the Nixa newspaper and I've received a call or two about catering.

With my down day I decided to play around in the test kitchen this morning and came up with a killer marinade for Babyback ribs. It's an asian thing with loads of flavor, but no sugars as they would caramelize and turn black during the cooking process. It has some Sesame oil, ginger, dry mustard and even a dash of instant coffee and it tastes wonderful. So having done that, I snagged a rack of ribs, brushed the marinade on to let set a few minutes then topped it off with Pit Dust. In a few hours, I'll let you know if it was worth the effort.

We're gonna hang in there. Hey, Spring Training starts in about a month so winter won't last forever, right Al Gore?

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